General terms of use


These general terms of use define the conditions under which, on one hand, the Messenger provides to its members its services and, on the other hand, the users access and use its services.

The messenger provides a set of services strictly intended for adults who wish to interact or meet. The pages of the messenger normally have no information contrary to public order or morality. However, as a precaution, the messenger intends to reserve the access to its site only to adults. The messenger is careful to respect the security and privacy of its users and especially from children. This is why parents should monitor the use made by their children regarding to the access to the messenger and keep in mind that the service is designed to reach a wider audience and in their capacity as legal guardian it is the responsibility of parents to determine which service is or is not appropriate for their child (ren) and to monitor the use they do with.

To access the service proposed by the messenger, the user must be at least 18 years old, to install the messenger software and to complete the registration form


Registration as the use of the messenger service implies full and complete acceptance of these general terms of use by the user. By entering the service, the user acknowledges having read these general terms of use. By checking the box "Yes I have read and I agree to the general terms of use" at the bottom of the registration page and confirming their registration, the user fully accepts to be bound by them and fully and completely comply with the terms.


2.1 The messenger assumes no liability for services accessible via the Internet and has no control of any kind on either the nature or characteristics of any data transferred via its servers. The user acknowledges that the data circulating on the internet are not protected against any possible misuse. The communication by the user of its passwords, PINs and generally any information deemed sensitive or confidential by him is made on his own risk. The user acknowledges that messenger has no way of controlling the content of services accessible on the Internet.

2.2 The responsibility of the messenger can not be held if the server was unavailable for reasons of force majeure. The user acknowledges having been informed that the messenger may end or modify the characteristics of its services at any time and without notice. The messenger is in no way responsible for any damage caused to members and any third party due to services offered by the messenger.

2.3 The user acknowledges that messenger is not responsible for service interruptions and the consequences that may result for the user or any third party.

2.4 The messenger can not be held liable for prosecution against the user due to the use of the messenger services and the services accessible via the Internet. The user is solely responsible for his ID and password and the use that is made of.

2.5 The messenger can not be held responsible for loss, for damage to data. Any information or advice provided by the messenger can not be taken as any guarantee.

2.6 The visuals (photos) and information (place, name, age) representing and describing the site members on the site have an illustrative purposes and do not necessarily represent the users of the messenger. They have by definition no contractual value. The visuals (pictures) and information (place, name, age) representing members of the site displayed on ways of promoting have an illustrative purposes and do not necessarily represent the users of the messenger. They have by definition no contractual value. Geolocation functionality can be used to display on the site or its means of promotion places close to those of the user for purposes of illustration. The information displayed in this way has no contractual value.


User represents and warrants the accuracy and conformity to the reality of the transmitted data. He shall certify that the photos and / or videos posted represent him. The user is responsible for the content transmitted by him and he agrees to refrain from publishing within the interactive services that are offered to him abusive, insulting, derogatory, degrading or unrelated messages to issues discussed that could hamper the proper functioning of the site and undermine the privacy of users connected to the site. The user agrees not to transmit messages of insult or defamation against a user logged in or a third party. The user undertakes not to use the site to cause harm in any manner whatsoever to minors, including manufacturing, transportation, broadcasting messages to violent or pornographic nature or likely to seriously affect the human dignity. The user must refrain from publishing pornographic, racist or illegal content that may affect the sensitivity or integrity of another user or the brand image of the site with defiant messages, texts or images.

Generally speaking the user agrees not to distribute any message, any image or any information :

The user agrees that the content of his messages does not contain any viruses or damaging programs that may cause damage to persons or their property. In particular, and without this list being considered as limiting the user agrees not to transmit any unlawful, defamatory data, constituting threats or detrimental to morality. The transmission of any form of unsolicited message could be interpreted as an advertising prospectus is strictly prohibited, and also sending all messages generated by a mailing list in which the recipient has not specifically requested to appear. It is forbidden for the user to transmit any material that contains viruses or other harmful components to the site or third party, communicate by e-mail or any other manner any advertising or promotional material unsolicited or unauthorized (especially if engage in "spam" or any other form of solicitation) harass in any way one or several other users, or more generally, to transmit any material that may violate applicable law, or interfere with the use of the site by any other user. The user must refrain from attempting any intrusion into the automated data processing or impair, totally or partially, the elements it contains. Such acts are subject to penal sanctions.


4.1 User acquires no right whatsoever on the messenger brand or any product brands developed by the messenger. For all protected data by intellectual property rights, the user must obtain prior authorization from the owners of rights in the law, and especially before any reproduction, communication to the public. The user agrees not to directly or indirectly infringe the rights of intellectual property of the messenger and its legitimate interests.

4.2 The user undertakes not to a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial extraction of databases posted on the site, or use this data in an abnormal context or bring to these data any modification whatsoever, adapt, alter, arrange or translate.

4.3 The user grants the messenger for free right to use, distribute, reproduce and represent photos and videos representing him and that he has put online to promote the messenger and its derivatives. It is understood that in no case the user does not act against the messenger for any reason whatsoever, because of the posting of photos or videos representing him.


5.1 The user assumes full responsibility for his account of each content he sends and must respect the spirit and letter of Article 3 of these general terms of use.

5.2 To ensure the quality of its services, the messenger provides postoriori moderation of its services based on the present general terms of use. As part of this activity of moderation and to prevent or to check any breach of Article 3 of these general terms of use, the information exchanged by users will be monitored, corrected or deleted.

5.3 To ensure a constant friendly service and a continuous presence of users, the messenger has an animation team ready to listen to the demands of its users. This animation team can use geolocation features to improve the quality of its animation work.


The services offered on this site are paid. The regulation of prices of the ordered services by the user is performed directly on the site when ordering by communication credit card number through a secure payment system.


7.1 Subscriptions shall start since the user's registration on the messenger service. The subscription is automatically renewed under the same conditons for a period equal to that of the initial period.

7.2. Users can unsubscribe at any time using the information transmitted by email during the subscription. Upon termination, the price of the current subscription is not paid to the user. The user retains the right to access and use the service during the remaining period of the subscription, on condition that the termination is done by himself and it is not the result of a penalty related to non-compliance with these general terms of use.

7.3. In case of failure by the user to these general terms of use, the messenger reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account without notice or refund.

7.4. The user will be informed of the suspension or termination by e-mail.


These general terms of use constitute a contract between the messenger and site users and are all rights and obligations of the messenger and the user. The terms and conditions of present general terms of use may be modified at any time and will be applicable since the posting. The applicable provisions are those of the general terms of use the latest present on the installation of the messenger.

In any case, the messenger user is considered as having unconditionally accepted the terms and conditions of this Charter.